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Commercial Pest Control

Every business operates in a different manner and has different needs. Sometimes outside vendors are called upon to assist with these needs.  The business-vendor relationship is very important.  After all,  the vendors are supposed to help operations run more smoothly and more efficient. Unfortunately,  not all companies  understand their role in the business relationship. At Harbor Pest Management, we take our role seriously. We will work with you to create a program to solve your businesses pest control needs. No one 

Harbor Pest Management  will partner with you and develop a program help to solve your pest  problem. Call or Email us to schedule an appointment today! Info@Harborpestmanagement.com or (805)797-6242

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Restaurants & Food Services

Being successful in the restaurant business is all about reputation. A roach siting can be put on social media instantly and hurt your sales for a long time. In addition to your reputation, pests can damage products, as well. You can protect them both with a professional pest control service. 

We will work with you to create a pest program that solves your issues. 


Food Storage and Warehousing

Protecting products from damage during the storage process is crucial for the warehousing industry. Many product shipments are refused by the retail store if there are any signs of pest activity and that can damage the reputation of the storage facility. There are many types of pest issues that can happen in a storage facility. From vector control to rodent control, we have you covered. We will partner with you to develop a program that fits your needs. 

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Brush Seals-Bird Exclusion-Sanitation Inspections

Sometimes the best solution is prevention. Exclusion products such as brush seals and bird spikes can prevent birds, or any the pest from being able to access the area in the first place, saving issues from happening in the first place.