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Your Home

Your home is important to you. It's where you raise your family, where you retreat after a long day. Unfortunately, the pests don't care! They will be there when you try to relax or cook dinner for your family. Let us help protect your home with professional pest management services.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

General Pest Control Service: Ants, spiders, crickets, earwigs, and pillbugs, are all covered under the General Pest Control service agreement. These services are performed on a reoccurring schedule. Normally, the materials will hold up for about 45-60 days; for this reason, the most common service frequency is every two months, and this will maintain a protective barrier around the home. If an issue arises with a covered pest between the regular scheduled service, we will return free of charge.

Pest Control Service

Service Frequency

Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly services are available. Pricing is based on the size of the home and the service frequency.

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Pest Control

Single Service

This is for those of you that only get pest issues periodically. Normally, the spring and summer. The heat brings out the pest's and they start invading your home. A single service will give you a reprieve from the invasion. The single service comes with a 30-day warranty from the date of service. If the issue returns, then we will too!

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Harbor Pest Management

Additional Pest Services

We also provide service for Roaches, Bird Control, Fleas, Gophers, and Rodents. Please call for an inspection today!
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Questions? If you have any questions regarding the materials we use or how the service works, please give us a call. We are here to help. +1 (805) 797-6242

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